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How To Sell Your Home 'For Sale By Owner'

1. Price On a Round Number

I can go on and on about why this is extremely important, but trust me, do not go with the old “retail trick”. You cut the amount of buyers that see your home on search platforms in half.

“Why does every other agent seem to do that then, Nico?”

Good question, people are sheep.

2. Hire an Experienced Photographer

Preferably a real estate photographer, but please, no iPhone photos.

3. Have a Cinematic Video Made

Buyers just eat this up, not to mention you rank much better in the algorithm on search platforms if you have a high-quality video to go with your listing. If your property is aesthetic from the sky, drone shots are also a great addition.

4. Be On Every Listing Site You Can Find

Platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and forsalebyowner.com are great places to start. Homes listed on the MLS automatically feed to over 100 sites, so keep that in mind when gauging your agent-listed competition.

5. De-Personalize

C’mon guys, buyers don’t want to see a family portrait hanging on the wall when they’re trying to picture their own life in the home. It’s a beautiful photo, but there’s a time and place.

6. Be Ready to Show at All Times

Like it or not, when you’re a FSBO, people don’t care to give much of a heads up. They call and ask to see it in an hour. Since they don’t have to schedule through the MLS, they tend to think it’s a free pass to abuse the system and see homes all day long at a moment's notice.

7. Screen Your Buyers

This one goes with #6. Make sure these people are serious if it’s such short notice, otherwise the showing is a colossal waste of time. Keep in mind, sometimes buyers that are not serious will abuse FSBOs because they don’t have to be linked with an agent to see them. If a buyer calls and says, “Yeah hey we’re in the area checking out homes and were wondering if we could stop by to see the house in 20 minutes.” Really? Just happened to be in the area? Move on buddy.

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